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Hello and welcome to everythingabouttrends.com, my own space of the internet where I push nail trends to my readers. I’m a college graduate, nail technician, freelance writer, and fashion blogger. I like the idea of sharing everything I know with people.

How did everythingabouttrends.com start?

The ideas started when I was a college student trying to balance between working in a nail shop, going to school, and freelancing. I used to write articles for many websites as a freelance writer and I loved how people reacted to my content, I saw that I was solving problems and I loved it so I decided to start my own blog and that’s how everythingabouttrends.com started.

I still do some freelance jobs but I’m more interested in writing and solving problems on this blog, My readers mean a lot to me so I’m always doing my best to give them lovely content.

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